Passivhaus Windows & Doors (Passive House)


passivhouseInternorm specialises in low energy and passivhaus products and has been Passive House certified 9 times over.

Low Energy House is defined by a house that has an annual energy consumption of 30-70 kWh/m²a, for more information on the right products for your project please call our technical team on 0203 355 5070.

Passivhaus is used to describe a building where a comfortable ambient temperature can be achieved and sustained without the use of conventional heating systems. The annual energy consumption for a Passivhaus will not exceed 15 kWh/m²a.

The home is heated through the sun’s rays through the glass, coupled with the heat generated by the people and appliances within the building are sufficient to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature throughout the time that the heating would be required. Extra heat is then generated by warming the air current flowing through the existing ventilation system. The benefits of building a passivhaus are that they require approximately 80% less heating energy as new-builds according to the German heat conservation mandate of 1995.

Internorm offers passivhaus certified windows in both UPVC and wood/aluminium and Selection entrance doors which has been certified by the Dr. Feist Passive House Institute, Darmstadt. To receive this certification passivhaus windows should demonstrate a Uw value of less than 0.8 W/m²K where the glazing Ug= 0.7 W/m²K and a g-value of around 50%

With Internorm’s Thermo Passiv system it is possible to achieve U values as low as 0.69 W/m²K which can provide saving on your energy bills of up to 90% and the avoidance of an average of 4.000Kg of greenhouse gases a year when installed in conjunction with other components to reach passivhaus standards.

Internorm’s large range of Passivhaus windows and doors there provides the right solution for any style of property.  

Contact us today to speak to our technical sales team or see our Passivhaus installation case study for more information. 


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